• We specialize in custom trips...
    Just you and the dolphins...
    swimming eye to eye, heart to heart...
  • With love, joy & mutual respect...
    We respect the dolphins as wild & free
  • Away from the crowds...
    Your own intimate encounter!
  • "My heart was overflowing with joy!"

    - Susan Day, New Mexico

    "We had a whole pod of dolphins to ourselves!"

    - Michael Rose, Connecticut

  • In our small group trips,
    it'll be a meeting

    you'll remember...

    ... the rest of your life!
  • Custom trips kayaking with whales in Hawaii
    from December to March
  • Our custom trips
    give you the best encounters possible
  • "I found that my purpose in life is joy!"

    - Lauren Jubilerer

    "I came home totally

    filled with love"

    - Daniel Doucette

  • Our trips are for all nature lovers...
    You're always in fun company with us!
  • On our Maui whale kayak trips
    and invite the whales to come to us...
    we send our love into the sea...
  • "A heart-opening, life-changing encounter for the three of us!"

    - Jill Fischer, Canada

    "The fulfillment of a lifelong dream"

    Linn Manstrom, Sweden

  • Join us now
    ... for a fun, life-changing adventure!
  • Call about our custom trips...
    for your friends and family...
  • Ready for an exciting adventure that will
    .. delight,
    surprise and inspire you?
  • "I don't know if our family
    has ever been happier"
    Kimberlee Gallagher, WA
  • "Our third trip with Joe in three years;
    each trip better than the last!"
    Nicole Salzmann, Switzerland
  • "Our journey with Joe was spiritually uplifting,
    emotionally compelling and physically exciting"
    Tamar Miller, Cambridge, MA

Swimming with Wild Dolphins – Away from the Crowds

Your private wild dolphin swim, just YOU & the Dolphins…

You swim with wild dolphins in their home, on their terms, away from the crowds. Most dolphin trips have ten, fifteen, twenty or more people in the water with you. I specialize in small group trips for an intimate dolphin swim experience. These private trips ensure that you get quality time with the dolphins, on your terms, in the way that works best for you. No waiting in line to get in the water (or back on the boat), no stronger swimmers getting ahead of you and scooping the dophins. Just you and the dolphins.

Here are what people are saying about swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Whisperers:

  • It was just me and my family with the dolphins, no one else around
  • I experience a feeling of happiness and simplicity that I didn’t know could exist
  • Being alone with the dolphins was pure bliss
  • When I start to get wound up, I remember one of the beautiful moments from the trip and melt into joy
  • “Our best family holiday ever… Three years later and we still talk about it”
  • Every day people have been telling me how relaxed and different I look

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