Celebrate 11-11-11 with us from your BATHTUB!

by Joe Noonan on November 6, 2011

Join us on 11-11 from your pool, pond or bathtub!

This Friday, at 11:11 local time, people from around the world will be tuning into their most beautiful thoughts and visions for Humanity…

We, a passionate pod of Dolphin Whisperers and Ocean Lovers, will be celebrating the 11:11 while IN THE OCEAN!

And we invite you to JOIN US! From your pool,  your river, your pond or YOUR BATHTUB!

Join us on 11-11!


1) Our thoughts are powerful;

2) Our LOVING thoughts are infinitely more powerful! (Yeay!)

3) Our COLLECTIVE LOVING thoughts are infinitely infinitely more powerful! (Wahoo!)

4) WATER is magical, it holds and transfers our thoughts, intentions and energy,

5) Those of us in the ocean/pond/bathtub will be conduits/portals for Humanity’s collective love to go straight into the waters of our world!

Join us on 11:11:11 and add your love with ours! Thanks for passing on the invitation! (And send us a video clip or photo during your 11-11-11 water celebration!)

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Send us a photo of you on 11-11 in your bathtub/pond/puddle/pool!


1) Sit/stand/float in your local water/pond/tub,

2) Smile 😉

3) Think about all of us in the water with you!

4) Envision the most beautiful, happy, magical planet that you can possibly imagine…

5) Enjoy and expand these beautiful images, until you are overflowing with joy and excitement!

6) Imagine your love, joy and excitement joining with ours and going into the waters of our world!

7) Take a photo/video and send it to us! We’ll put together a collage to share with you!

We'll be feeling & celebrating our LOVE + EXCITEMENT for our awakening world!

THANK YOU for celebrating with us! Our Love is Transforming our World!

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