Pregnant mom in the open ocean with the wild dolphins!

by Joe Noonan on February 11, 2012

I love my job!

Recently I had the honor of bringing another pregnant mom into the ocean with the dolphins (open ocean, wild and free dolphins).

The soon-to-be mom, ‘Diana’, was four months pregnant, excited and also a bit nervous to enter the ocean and meet the dolphins…

I got to be the ‘Ocean/Dolphin midwife; creating a comfortable safe space for this new mom to feel relaxed enough to slip in the water while the dolphins swam around the boat, eager to meet her.

Over the course of the 5 day trip, we swam with multiple pods of both spotted and bottlenose dolphins. The spotted dolphins were ver playful and interactive (as usual), and the bottlenose dolphins were bottomfeeding in the sandy ocean floor below us for hours on end…

The bottlenose pod was in a mellow mood and very comfortable with us hanging out with them. I was delighted to find three mother dolphins with calves in the pod, and those three moms and their babies were the ones that frequently came the closest to us…

It was an absolute joy to watch Diana floating on the surface, her own belly beginning to show signs of the life stirring within, as the dolphins came up again and again to check us out… In my mind’s eye I saw Diana’s growing baby receiving the sonar from the dolphins as they swam around us…

(The bottlenose dolphins are initially shy and often scan us with their sonar from behind. Dolphins frequently show a lot of interest in scanning the bellies of pregnant women, and knowing this, I envisioned Diana’s baby basking in the frequencies coming her way).

Diana’s mom was there also; how awesome to have a three generation lineage in the water with us!

There was one mom and calf in particular that came over again and again. She looked VERY pregnant herself, I half expected a baby dolphin’s tail to pop out! This mom took a particular interest in us and I took many videos of her and her calf.

We swam with them for hours, taking our time and luxuriating in the welcoming energy of the dolphins… Later, back on the boat, Diana and her mom were beaming with joy…

Our collective Humanity is awakening to the depth of its connection with the world around us. Through the actions and open-heartedness of people like Diana and her mother who actively seek out this intimate connection, they energetically pave the way for those who follow.

Over the years I’ve had a number of pregnant moms and babies join me in the ocean with the dolphins. I see them as Lighthouses, part of the new wave of people who emanate a beautiful light of joy, intimacy and love with the natural world, making it that much easier for the rest of Humanity to open up and relax into Nature’s loving embrace…

Sharon, 6 months pregnant with her second child, is holding her daughter Skye as we’re circled by the dolphins…

I love my job!

Here’s to our awakening Humanity…



Sharon & Skye all aglow after their dolphin swim…

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Brenda El-Leithy February 19, 2012 at 5:23 pm

Hi! I’ve been to Bimini many times to get my “dolphin fix”. Your post appeared on my Facebook page from Fiona and I just had to respond with this dolphin message from my book “Dancing with Dolphins”.

“As you plunge into our domain, ungainly and heavy, impeded by your puzzle of arms and legs which aid you but little, we look upon you as but a child in need of guidance. Such effort! Such concentration! Such curiosity! And, indeed, such fear of this unfamiliar medium into which you venture just to be in our presence!

And so we come to make communion with you, hoping that our unseen and unspoken teachings will penetrate your dense consciousness to give you the learning you seek.

As we glide among you, you may sense the subtle vibrations in which we enfold you – you may – but only if you come with open heart ready to receive as well as give.

We place no limits, no conditions on our gift to you. For your enlightenment is for the good of the universe and for all living things.

And if you also place no limits, no conditions on your gift of love, then you too can aspire to the wisdom we seek to share.”


Joe Noonan February 28, 2012 at 12:32 pm

Hi Brenda,

We all interpret the message of the dolphins through our own filters/focuses/conditioning… you hear comments about ungainly mobility while I hear their vocalization of delight at our willingness to play! I respect your right to your own interpretations of their message while I champion my ‘own’ interpretation; one of mutual excitation in the joy of human/cetacean collaboration!

Many blessings!



Mariclaire March 9, 2012 at 7:32 pm

My sister (and best friend) was pregnant 12-13 years ago and went swimming in Northern Palm Beach, Fl and was suddenly surrounded by dolphins!! Her baby was born prematurely but now he is very healthy. We all always felt that the dolphins were somehow protecting her and the baby. This just reinforced our love of dolphins!! To me, dolphins are just about the most beautiful thing on Earth~~one of them, anyway…


Joe Noonan March 13, 2012 at 8:40 am

Hi Mariclaire!

How awesome that she had such a connection! I treat every wild dolphin encounter as magical, regardless of what it looks like, as I know firsthand how life-changing it is being with them… And yes, they are so incredibly beautiful…




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