Calm amidst the Storm (and why i love the sea! :)

by Joe Noonan on September 27, 2012

LOTS is changing in the world today; whenever we look outside we find plenty of things that are rapidly changing… economies, lives, governments, opinions, trends, weather patterns…

The greatest change of them all is the change in CONSCIOUSNESS!!!


The growing awareness of our interconnectedness (and interdependence) is seeping faster and faster into our collective consciousness; people around the world are waking up to the fact that, regardless of how we look, think and act on the outside, beneath it we are all One.

This, my friend, is cause for Celebration!!! (YEAY!!!)

Now, how do we stay smiling and keep our party hats on when there is so much change (and stress) swirling around us? I’d love to share one very simple way that consistently work for me…

On some level, you already know what it is… Without even being aware of it, (until now), I alluded to in the first sentence above…

Go ahead, re-read it… What do you notice?

When I look ‘outside’ at the world around me, I see change, lots of it. Everything is changing on some level. So when I desire to feel centered and grounded, the first thing I do is close my eyes (unless I’m driving ) and direct my attention from ‘out there’ to within…

Whenever we turn our attention within with the intent to find peace, the peace that is always here becomes quickly evident.

If it isn’t readily evident, then I simply bring my awareness to my breath, and take a long, slow, steady inbreath

The combination of awareness and breath creates the room for our innate centeredness to become evident.

Go ahead, try it! It only takes a moment… (one single breath…)

… … …

This is the sea…

When I’m on the surface, I’m subject to the rise and fall of the wind and the waves… but when I take a deep breath and drop below the surface…

… I find myself immersed in something far greater; the Sea herself…

And my awareness naturally expands in harmony with her vastness… just as our attention expands into the vastness of our essence when we quiet down and turn within…

The truth of who we are is never hidden from us, though it can be obscured by the wind and waves of the mind. Beneath the mind, our true nature is timelessly, effortlessly, infinitely being…

And now you know why I love the sea so much!


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Join us in sending our Love & Thanks into the sea!


Joe Noonan is an author, speaker, dolphin whisperer and spiritual guide who leads retreats around the world and facilitates self awareness programs for those on the path of joyful awakening.

A guest on National Geographic, Fox TV and Oprah, Joe reflects back to people that this world is already a Heaven on Earth, and that the tools to find joy in the moment are around and within us. He offers workshops, internet programs and nature retreats that awaken us to our divine joy and connection with Nature.

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“Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God” Tielhard de Chardin

© Joe Noonan

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