Dolphins & Humans, we are made to play together! (and this video is proof!)

by Joe Noonan on July 24, 2013

Hello Fellow Nature/Cetacean-loving friends!

Many people say that we should leave the wild dolphins alone, and there are times when i agree with them. Times when we overwhelm them with our presence, when they’re in areas where they need their rest.

This sometimes can happen in Hawaii, where the Spinner Dolphins frequently come into small bays to rest during the day. The (relatively) shallow bottom of these bays allows them to relax more, and they rest by sleeping half their brain at a time (something i was accused of doing a lot of in school!).

It requires sensitivity to be with them, to know how to be with them when they’re playful and when they’re resting. If you can keep your energy calm and gentle, and not approach them when they’re sleeping, they will often surface next to you, naturally pulled close by your loving energy.

And then there are times when they wish to play. In this video, a friend of mine, Andy, offers them some leaves to play with. Its fun to see a few of them accept his invite!


copyright Joe Noonan aka Joebaby


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