Where can I swim with dolphins?

by Joe Noonan on October 2, 2013

It comes as no surprise that swimming with dolphins is on almost everyone’s bucket list. And when you come to the time in your life where you’re ready, the next question is where can i swim with dolphins?

The short answer is – in the ocean! 🙂

The dolphins that live in the ocean are wild and free. They are not confined nor are they restricted to interact with you in a controlled way. The dolphins in the sea are able to interact with you as they wish, which makes your encounter with them super magical!

Swimming with dolphins in Kona, Big Island of Hawaii

My very first dolphin swim was in Hawaii. Here the spinner dolphins come into the sandy bottomed bays to rest during the day. With respect and awareness of their needs, one can swim with them and have a profound, life-changing encounter. Swimming spinner dolphins in Hawaii is a great way to dive fully into the energy of ‘aloha’ as their joy will ‘rub off’ on you without question.

Caveat: It is important to swim with a guide who will assist you to swim with dolphins in a respectful way. There are many well-intended people who unfortunately disrupt the dolphins’ daytime rest with lots of inappropriate behavior (swimming straight at them, kayaking straight into their pods, reaching and grabbing, etc). When you go with a guide who can give you guidelines and feedback on your behavior, you’ll have a much better experience (and so will the dolphins).

After my own life-changing encounter swimming with dolphins in the oceans of Hawaii, I visited a number of other places in the world where you can swim with dolphins in the wild. I was looking specifically for places where the dolphins actually sought out human interaction, and yet still maintained their natural way of life.

Swimming with dolphins in Bahamas

Bimini, a small Bahamian island only 50 miles from Miami, is home to some of the most playful dolphins in the world. I first swam with them eighteen years ago, and was blown away with how incredibly joyful and friendly they are.  And if that isn’t enough, the ocean around Bimini is the friendliest ocean I’ve ever swum in. It is warm, clean and vibrant with life. And the people of Bimini are very friendly. (I know, I’ve been living in Bimini for the majority of the past ten years).

Of all the places I’ve been swimming with dolphins, Hawaii and Bimini are the places where I’ve had the most consistent and enjoyable encounters. If you wish to swim with dolphins away from the crowds, join me. You’ll have an adventure you’ll remember the rest of your life!



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