She was afraid of the sea | Ariel’s first dolphin swim (Hawaii) “Weight I’d been carrying for years melted away”

by Joe Noonan on January 2, 2014

“Being in the water with the wild dolphins is unlike anything I had ever experienced. They are powerful healers; weight I’d been carrying for years melted away as total serenity washed over me. The sound of their communication, amid the turquoise blue water with sunlight streaming down, is with me still and continues to give me a sense of peace.  I experience a feeling of happiness and simplicity that I didn’t know could exist, and it has changed my life.

We all have some fear of the sea; she is big and unfathomable… and the mind fears what it cannot comprehend.

And while Ariel was afraid of the sea, she also had a passionate desire to swim with the dolphins.

As she spoke about her desire to swim with dolphins, I knew it would be easy to help her overcome her fear of the sea. I love helping people move thru their fear, its easy!

The trick is to help them stay present; for fear is from the mind. When i take people into the sea to overcome their fear, we do it slowly and gently, so they have time to breath, feel the fears from the past while they simultaneously stay present.

I often give them a mantra, a simple sentence to say to themselves; “I’m safe and I’m ok”.

As they repeat this mantra amidst their fear, you can literally watch their shoulders relax.

Ariel and I stood at the water’s edge, said a simple prayer to the dolphins and the sea. And in we went. And the dolphins were all around us… (watch the video to see what happened – Snatam Kaur’s music adds a magical quality to the experience!)

“I could never have experienced swimming with dolphins without Joe.  He exudes the same joy and lightheartedness as the dolphins. Joe is in tune with the ocean and teaches others how to love and respect its divine presence.  He helped me overcome a longstanding fear of deep ocean swimming so that I could enjoy her gifts.  He went above and beyond any expectation I had, and it was a gift to share this experience with him. Joe is a magnet of positive energy that is palpable for dolphins and humans alike.”

Ariel Goldman-Jones, Naturapathic Doctor

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Debra Dolsberry November 26, 2016 at 8:41 pm

Interested in another tour. Went last year in Kona with my sister and her husband. This time there are only 3 of us and would like to combine with another small group if possible. We live here in Kona.
Dates could be Dec 5, 6 , 9 or 10. Please give price.


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