Ho’oponopono for the Sharks – a response to Maui shark attacks

by Joe Noonan on February 17, 2014

I just arrived in Maui to lead several multi-day kayak and camping retreats over the next few months. I had several friends tell me there’s been a dramatic increase in shark bites and fatalities here; one person lost his leg while kayaking and bled out before he could be helped.

I’ve traveled from Bimini to Florida to Aspen to Maui over the past two weeks, in each place i’ve had at least one friend warn me about the situation in Maui. I appreciate their concern, and knew i had to do something once i got here, both for me and for the sharks.

For me, because i spend a LOT of time in the ocean. As a spearfisherman, i know a fair amount about sharks and have come to respect and love them and the role they play in keeping our oceans healthy. I’ve been bit by a shark (28 stitches) and crazily enough, it made me love them more!

Clearly, something has happened in Maui to upset the balance there. I knew exactly what to do; ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono is a very simple and mega powerful healing process; its a ten word prayer/mantra that speaks to our collective subconscious, allowing us to return to love and healing. As soon as i got out on the ocean in my kayak, i said a ho’oponopono blessing.

It felt great. If you’re new to ho’oponopono, try it! And join me in sending love to the sharks and bringing greater balance and harmony between our species.


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Judith Mills February 17, 2014 at 10:06 am

JOE , You said the words I was thinking; what a turbulent time wehave created.I am saying the prayer with you as a constant mantra.Ihear your strength, sincerity and love. Iam with you , praying. I too, am more at home in and under the water…praying.


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