Maui, Hawaii | Baby Whale swimming right under us while snorkeling! (see video)

by Joe Noonan on March 12, 2014

As a shamanic nature guide, I’ve learned that whenever we enter nature with love and respect, the most amazing things happen. Yesterday, we had a most incredible encounter with a baby humpback whale.

It was the last day of a five day dolphins and whales camping trip, and we were sending our love to the ocean and dolphins and whales, giving our thanks for our magical time with them. We were envisioning ourselves as “Ambassadors”, sending the love and thanks of all people who love the cetaceans and the sea.


We were floating in the water next to our kayaks, enjoying the sound of many humpback whales singing, coming to us through the water in every direction. We spotted a mom and calf in the distance, and sent our love in their direction, inviting them to come over and meet us eye to eye.

Never underestimate the power of love, or a baby whale’s ability to hear a human’s passion to connect…

As you can see from the video, baby comes roaring in from out of the blue to check us out. As she gets close, she dives down and rolls, exposing her underside and making full eye contact with both eyes. She’s about to surface on the other side of my kayak, when she sees there are more snorkelers there! (That’s when the air slips out of her blowhole in surprise). She quickly dips her head and successfully dives under the rest of us (with barely two feet to spare). Then mom suddenly appears right next to her, retrieving her overly-curious calf.

Just as quickly, they ease off into the deep blue. In unison, we lifted our heads out of the water, looked at each other and start laughing. We are, each in our own way, forever changed…

Here is the video:

I will remember that moment for the rest of my life…

© Joebaby

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Colleen July 3, 2017 at 2:59 am

Just beautiful!

My heart cracked wide open about your whale calf experience.
What a wondrous co-creation. Still blissed out? 🙂


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