Dolphin Sandwich and Turtle Grass

by Joe Noonan on August 31, 2015

Last week i had a wonderful swim with a pod of four spotted dolphins. There was one mature female with three juveniles. One of the juveniles was her calf, the other two were a bit older but still without spots (they get spots as they age; just like us! 😉

Three rambunctious juveniles with only one babysitter is a lot of work! I had a feeling that mom was quite happy to see me, and the youngsters were quick to race over to the bow of my boat and surf. I’d stop the boat and jump in every few minutes, diving down to see who would come over.

Without fail the kids would race over and spiral down with me. Mom came over too, and at one point, mom came up on my left and her baby (the smallest of the lot) came up on my right. They came together and i was squeezed between them! I’ve never been hugged on both sides like that, and never by such a young dolphin!

We played and dove and passed a piece of turtle grass back and forth. The lighting was spectacular. Enjoy!

© Joebaby

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