Outnumbered by dolphins, 10 to 1 (the second most powerful day of her life)

by Joe Noonan on May 31, 2017

“This was the most powerful day of my life, second only to the day my daughter was born”

We spent the day out on the ocean, swimming with the wild dolphins. Jagruti had the opportunity to spend quality time in the water with them. We were outnumbered by the dolphins 10 to 1!

It was a beautiful day; the sea was glassy calm and the dolphins were in a big pod. We spent hours with them.

When people ask what its like to come on a custom dolphin trip with me, i show them this video…

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brucie April 8, 2015 at 1:51 pm

Hey Joe, I just wanted you to know that I always smile when I see your emails…just to know that you found your place amongst my favorite creatures on this planet!! I feel like i’m there when I see your videos. I’m so glad you are out there doing one of what I experience as the most rewarding things to do….swimming….with our precious beings!! All the best, brucie, from fort lauderdale…..met you when you first came to town and tried to get a counseling service going with crew!!


Joebaby April 8, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Hi Brucie, great to hear from you! Happy to know you’re into dolphins also, they are such magical creatures and they spontaneously bring out the best in us! I’m honored and delighted you enjoy my videos, thanks for your comment!


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