Big Island of Hawaii – Custom Trips

Five days of life on the beach and in the ocean, swimming with wild dolphins, visiting sacred sites, snorkeling with sea turtles, exploring beautiful beaches and more on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Swimming with wild dolphins
  • Exploring an active volcano
  • Getting back to your senses
  • Rejuvenating your body & spirit
  • Immersing in the joy of adventure!

“Our Hawaii trip with Joebaby was phenomenal. Swimming with the dolphins was such a deeper experience then I ever expected” Gabriella Lizotte, Lacrosse Coach

Spinner Dolphins: The playful Spinner Dolphins that live in the coastal waters of Hawaii are absolutely amazing. It is a joy to be in their presence. Swimming with them is an ecstatic experience, and you will come away with a wonderful sense of connection with them and the ocean. With great joy and respect, we swim with them in their home, on their terms.

Honu, the Hawaiian Sea Turtle: We also snorkel with the turtles; its a joy to watch them move through the water, they emanate their own quiet grace. We treat the turtles and other sea creatures we meet with the same love, joy and respect we give the dolphins.

Off the Grid: Give yourself a break; unplug from busy routines and ease into the beauty and vitality of the Big Island. Does living in the joy and beauty of nature sound appealing? How about laying on a sandy beach, under a starry sky, to the sound of the gentle surf? Our love of life comes alive in this setting, away from the norms of our everyday world. Through our adventures, laughter and sharing we anchor these vitalizing energies into our bodies and our lives.


Over the past 20 years, we have absolutely incredible dolphin encounters, swimming with them for hours at a time, often with many life-changing encounters.

Kilauea Volcano: We can drive south to the Kilauea Volcano where we pay homage to the goddess Pele, exploring the black lava, smoking earth, caldera and lava tubes. 

Ho’oponopono & City of Refuge: We can visit the City of Refuge, an ancient place of forgiveness sacred to the Hawaiians. Here we will explore the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono, using it to bring forgiveness and healing to our lives and our world. Ho’oponopono is a powerful healing process that is easily learned and can be use at any time, anywhere. 

“The whole trip was fantastic! Thank you again for the most stupendous adventure from the bottom of my heart”  – Brandee Tolleson, Santa Cruz, California

“I’m not sure my family has ever been happier than we were on the beach with Joe”  –  Kimberly Gallagher, Port Townsend, WA