Swimming in a Sea of Whales! Feb 2016

Imagine spending five days and nights camping with a group of kindred souls next to the ocean, hearing the whales breathing at night, kayaking on the ocean during the day, floating in the beautiful blue waters, watching the whales splash and play, hearing them singing all around us!

A mother and calf swim over to say hello…

Every winter for millions of years, thousands of humpback whales migrate to the warm waters of Hawaii to mate and give birth. The ocean is filled with the sounds of their breathing, splashing, playing and singing. To actually get in the water and expose your body to the magic of their singing is to be totally immersed in the music of the spheres… a profoundly expansive experience that will delight, surprise and awaken you on many levels!

Enjoying being on the ocean, surrounded by whales!

We do not approach them, we let them come to us…

Join our five day winter retreats on Maui as we very respectfully enter the ocean as a pod of kindred spirits seeking greater connection and intimacy with the whales. With mask, snorkel and fins, we quietly make a circle and sing our love and appreciation into the sea, inviting the whales to check us out and have a mutually heart-expanding connection.

You will feel the total magic of the humpback whale’s song as you feel it actually vibrating within your body… resonating and awakening a depth of spiritual connection with the whales and the ocean that is profoundly inspiring and life-changing…

Trip Highlights include:

  • Being surrounded and immersed in a sea of whales
  • Hearing the sounds of their breathing at night…
  • Feeling the magic of their song reverberating in your body
  • Camping off the grid next to the ocean
  • Swimming in beautiful bays that the wild dolphins visit
  • Visiting Sacred Sites and the summit of Haleakala
  • Sharing in joyful community with kindred whale lovers

This curious mom and calf came all the way over to say hi!

We follow federal marine mammal guidelines and do not approach closer than 100 yards to any whales. We kayak into their general area and then we raft up our kayaks and build our collective love and appreciation for the whales. Sometimes we tone, chant, sing or simply meditate in silence, then we either watch them from our kayak vantage spot at 100 yards away, or we ever so gently get in the water with our masks, snorkels and fins, look around with reverence and awe, and let the energy of their song resonate within us.

We do not approach them. Instead, we invite them to come visit us. Even at 200 or 300 yards or more, once we enter the water their song is vibrating within us, giving inspiration and juice to let our own heart’s calling flow so fully… in the space of that calling, we each experience our own sweet connection to the vital energies of life….

To be with a wild whale in the open ocean is an encounter that will touch you deeply…

Living Simple: We will be camping on or near the beach, living simply and immersing deeply with the powerful rhythms of land and the sea. We make our meals together over a campfire or stove, and share in the eating and celebrating of our adventures. There is a simple tribal magic that envelops us, opening our senses to the love and grace of Nature. Our hardness softens and our spirits soar, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated, reconnected to our inner Self.

Here is a video of one encounter of many from last year. There is no way to predict what kinds of interactions we will have, but i can say that we’ll be surrounded by whales, in a sea of whales, and we will hear them in the ocean singing!

Cost: To keep our presence in the whale’s home super respectful and to offer you a most intimate whale experience, group size is limited to 8 participants. The cost is $1497 per person. This includes all group transportation on island, our trips, park fees, campsites and most meals. Airfare, snorkel gear and a couple meals are not included. Your $500 deposit reserves your space.

Custom trips for small groups and families with residential options are available. Call for more info.

February 2016  Maui Whale Retreat – pay deposit here (Your deposit is fully refundable for five days for the date of deposit):

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