Dolphin Whisperers & Sacred Dolphin, Hawaii Wild Dolphin Retreat, Feb 15 – 20, 2014

David de Warenne, Joe Noonan and Amy Darian Lesser team up to be your guides for this trip.

Amy and David of Sacred Dolphin International team up with Joe Noonan of Dolphin Whisperers for a six day wild dolphin camping retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. Join David, Amy and Joe as they guide you into deeper connection with the spirit of the dolphins and Nature.

Trip Highlights Include:

  • Living on a beautiful sandy beach
  • Swimming with wild dolphins, sea turtles and more
  • Playing, eating & sleeping beneath palm trees
  • Living simply, immersing yourself into nature
  • Exploring places of great vitality and natural beauty
  • Being in community with kindred people
  • Deepening your appreciation of life

“Swimming with the Dolphins was such a deeper experience then I ever expected. I was also reunited with members of my Soul Family who are dear friends to this day.” Gabriella Lizotte, Lacrosse Coach & Reiki Master

 Another beautiful day in Hawaii!

Imagine having three passionate dolphin ambassadors to assist you in opening even more deeply to the beauty and magic of life. David & Amy will bring their unique blend of wisdom to the retreat, collaborating with Joe who has been leading dolphin and whale retreats here for the past 18 years. Through shamanic initiations, meditations and celebrations, they will support you to relax easily into your own divine essence.

Spinner Dolphins – Shamans of the Seas: The playful Spinner Dolphins that live in the waters of Hawaii are absolutely amazing. They are powerful beings of Light; shamanic masters in the art of joy, grace and transformation. Its an honor and a joy to be in their presence. We swim where they swim, and invite them to swim with us with great love and respect. Swimming with the gentle spinner dolphins is a life-changing experience…

Hawaiian Sea Turtles: The waters we swim in also include turtles! Its a joy to watch them move through the water, they emanate their own quiet grace. (Check out a video of one of our swims with them below). We treat the turtles with the same love and respect we treat everyone and everything we meet; with great love and appreciation and respect for their space and boundaries.

Does living simply in the grace and beauty of nature call to you? How about laying on a sandy beach, under a starry sky, to the sound of the gentle surf? Our divinely joyful essence easily comes alive in this setting, away from the distractions of everyday life. In this environment, Nature becomes a vibrant, loving force that we naturally connect with. Through our circles, ceremonies and sharing we anchor and ground these high energies into our bodies and our lives.

We travel as a tribe, sharing in the daily activities of a community; setting up camp, making meals, shooting the breeze, hanging out. We’ll take hikes, swims and walks, depending on what the area we’re in has to offer. There will be personal time, quiet time, and time to sit around the picnic table at our campsite and share the gifts of each day. There will be time to share the exuberance of your natural awakening and time to disappear into the fabric of nature…

We send this invitation to you who have a deep love and respect for Nature. This is a simple, powerful and life-changing spiritual retreat, and if its purpose speaks to you, please join us.

Our campsite from the water

General Trip Itinerary: We meet at the Kona airport, then head to the beach and set up our base camp for the next five nights. From camp we’ll explore different coastal bays where the spinner dolphins frequent. While it is interpreted by some as illegal to ‘swim with the dolphins’ in Hawaii, it is legal to swim where they swim, and you can stay in the water when they come to you.

Which is exactly what they do, especially when you’re part of a happy, fun-loving group! I’ve had absolutely incredible dolphin encounters in these bays, swimming with them for hours at a time. I could write a book about the incredible life changing encounters I’ve had here. We’ll spend our week exploring this area, with the dolphins, sea turtles and more, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, feeling our bodies and spirits awakening as our joy and vitality rise to new levels.

Breakfast on the beach!

Kilauea Volcano & Goddess Pele: One day of the trip we drive south to the Kilauea Volcano where we pay homage to the Goddess Pele, exploring the black lava, smoking earth, caldera and lava tubes. The energy of fire and creation is very strong here, it’s a wonderful place to plant new seeds and intentions for growth and transformation. We will share a simple ceremony here to give thanks for and celebrate the many new blessings and creations that are coming into our lives and our world!

City of Refuge & Ho’oponopono: Another day we visit the City of Refuge, an ancient place of forgiveness that is sacred to the Hawaiians. Here we will use the simple grace of the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono, using it to bring forgiveness and healing to any area of our lives. Ho’oponopono is a powerful process that is easily learned. It is a blessing in my life; a tool i can use at any time, anywhere. For a short intro video on Ho’oponopono, click here.

Some things, like eating loads of fresh island fruits and swimming in the ocean, we’ll do daily. Given our objective to have fun and experience the island on her terms, our exact itinerary will reveal itself as the week unfolds. One of the things I love about traveling simply is that it gives Grace plenty of opportunity to surprise us with adventures we would have never been able to imagine…

Cost: The cost for this trip is $1495 per person, your space on this trip is guaranteed with a $750 deposit. This trip price includes all our group transportation, park fees, campsites and most meals. Airfare, your own sleeping bag, snorkel gear and a couple meals are not included. Group size is limited. Please visit the Sacred Dolphin website to make payment.

“This trip was one of the best things I ever did!!! It was truly an adventure of a lifetime!” Susan Caster, Divorce Mediator, Indiana

“The whole trip was fantastic! Thank you again for the most stupendous adventure from the bottom of my heart” – Brandee Tolleson, Homeschooling Mom of 3, California


Lunch with ocean view

Swimming with a big pod of Spinner dolphins

If you are ready to immerse yourself in the beauty, magic and wonder of Hawaii, join us!

© Joe Noonan