Your meals in Bimini

Because each group has their own food preferences, my trips do not include meals. There is always the option of adding a kitchen stocked with food, meals and also a chef if you wish. Whichever your preference, you have multiple options:

1) Eat out. I highly recommend you eat out at least a few times while here, Bimini offers some delicious seafood (mostly fried) and there’s plenty of opportunity to eat lots of fresh fish and conch while you’re here (cracked conch is one of my favorite foods here in Bimini)

2) Local cook or private chef. I can arrange for a local cook or a private chef to prepare and serve your food if you wish.

3) Buy food in Bimini. Most clients appreciate a shopping trip or two to the local store, enjoying the experience and meeting more locals. Buying food on Bimini is good for the local economy. Food is typically twice the cost it is in the US, and variety is limited.

3) Bring your food. If you are on a particularly restrictive diet or love to cook with specific ingredients, you may want to bring some or most of your food to Bimini. Customs is very used to tourists bringing boxes of food, and you have a $100 per person allotment before you pay any duty on food that you bring into the Bahamas.

Catch our own fish: If you enjoy fresh fish, I can go spearfishing on your trip and provide you with the freshest fish possible. Most people love this option and we have a few dinners of our own catch. We can also bottom fish with rod and reel. Everyone is welcome to participate, I have taught hundreds of people to spearfish. All spearfishing is done with great respect and appreciation (read more here).

I have had some families choose our own fresh caught fish and lobster (in the month of August) for most of the nights they were here. Bridget and her three kids all learned to spear lobster and they ate lobster four nights in a row!

Most people do a bit of each; bring some food, shop for some food here, catch fresh fish and go out to eat a few nights. If you wish, at your invitation I am delighted to join you for dinner for a night or two during your trip.