Hawaii Lodging Options – Kona & Maui

We offer a variety of lodging options for your custom Hawaii trip to fit both your budget and your dreams.

Private Home:

  • Gives you the most privacy
  • Can accommodate a larger group or family (everyone under one roof)
  • Can range from $250 to $1500+ a night (the sky’s the limit in Hawaii)

Condominium Rental:

  • Largest number of options to choose from
  • Variety of prices ($125 to $300 a night)
  • You can make your own meals


  • The original Hawaiian experience
  • Very simple and therefore very relaxing
  • Included in the cost of your proposal

Our Maui campsite

Our Kona campsite

Whether you desire a beachfront home, tent or condo, call me and we’ll find your preferred accommodations for your trip with us!