My boat

I love my Twin Vee boat and so will you. Its a lot of fun; a magic carpet ride to all kinds of ocean adventures.

  • Its a power catamaran; fast and stable
  • It offers exceptionally easy water exit and entry
  • You can watch the dolphins from the bow, inches from your face!

It is designed for getting easily in and out of the water. It has a low gunnel for slipping easily into the water, and a split-step stainless-steel ladder in the back for getting back in the boat. Watching the dolphins from the boat is spectacular, the dolphins love to ride the bow and are inches away from you.

These German women couldn’t get enough of the dolphins!

The boat’s 175 horsepower 4 stroke motor ensures that we can get out to the dolphin grounds quickly and easily, and the boat’s twin hulls ensure a much more stable, even ride.

The dolphins of Bimini are very familiar with my boat, having swum alongside it for years. It is an ideal boat for staying with the pod, it is very maneuverable and is less of an interruption or influence to the dolphin’s behavior.

When the dolphins are in a quiet mood, we follow alongside and keep the motor in gear, just above idle. The dolphins love to come alongside and swim beside us, even when they’re sleeping. When they’re in this mode, we move slowly and quietly on the boat, matching their mood and behavior. It is very relaxing to hang right next to the pod as they’re resting, occasionally rolling onto their side to look you in the eye…

The dolphins surfing the bow and making eye contact

When they wake and are eager to swim with you, we slip on our snorkel gear and slide into the water, joining them in their world, on their terms. The quality of interaction we have with them, in part from our small group size, makes your swim with the dolphins the most intimate, playful and connected available.

Non-Swimmers Welcome! If you are a non-swimmer, or have some fear or hesitation about coming out on a boat or being in the sea, I have lots of floatation and experience in helping you feel comfortable. If you have any questions about the boat, or about what a trip in general might be like, call me. I look forward to speaking with you!

Karen celebrating her 50th birthday with friends

A sunset swim after a magical day

The Gallagher family’s second holiday with me. Watch their testimonial

Most days I pick you up in front of your home right on the beach

Emily’s very first dolphin swim, day 1 of 5. She and this dolphin connected quite deeply

After 5 hours of being with the dolphins, they got their fill

Another fun day out on the beautiful Bahamian sea

You can see Nick’s reflection on the back of the middle dolphin

The view of your swim from the boat, away from the crowds. How many dolphins can you count?

Sometimes I tow you; the dolphins come alongside you, inches away

Shannon & Pat’s 2nd holiday with me. Most of my guests are families and couples.

Everyone who wants gets to drive the boat. Its a lot of fun! If you’re ready for an adventure, call me!