Maui Adventures & Kayaking with Whales | Escape the Cold this Winter!

Join us Dec thru March
Every winter, thousands of humpback whales migrate to Hawaii to mate and give birth. The ocean is filled with the sounds of their breathing, splashing and playing. On our Maui whale adventures, we get in the water and immerse ourselves in the absolutely spectacular beauty and majesty of their energy and their song.

A mother and calf swim over to say hello…

Join our multi-day retreats on Maui as we explore the island and its waters. Trip Highlights include:

  • Swimming and snorkeling in beautiful bays
  • Kayaking out to the whales together
  • Being surrounded by singing and breaching whales
  • Feeling the magic of the whale song reverberating in your body
  • Snorkeling beautiful reefs with tropical fish and turtles
  • Hiking and exploring bamboo forests and towering trees
  • Visiting Sacred Sites including the summit of Haleakala

We kayak out together as a group, surrounded by whales!

We do not approach them, we let them come to us…

We follow federal marine mammal guidelines and do not approach closer than 100 yards to the whales. We kayak into their general area and then we raft up our kayaks and invite them to come closer. Then we either watch from our kayaks or quietly get in the water with our masks, snorkels and fins, look around with reverence and awe, listening to the energy of their song resonating within us.

Your Guide: Joe Noonan has been leading nature trips for groups and families for decades. A shamanic nature guide, he is excited and honored to support you in having the encounter of a lifetime. I’m not sure my family has ever been happier together than we were camping on the beach with Joe” – Kimberly Gallagher, WA  Please read his client’s testimonials here.

Custom Retreats: Joe leads multi-day private trips for groups and families in Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii and Bimini, the Bahamas.

“The three (or more? :) hours in the water with the dolphins is coming back to me whenever I like to feel this immense power, trust and love, love, love… I’ve just to close my eyes and take a deep breath and I am there again among them in the ocean! :) Thanks to you, for your staying power you had! The dolphins really followed you, so we had only to look for you to find the dolphins again! :)” – Nicole Salzmann, Switzerland

“I could never have experienced swimming with dolphins without Joe.  He exudes the same joy and lightheartedness as the dolphins. Joe is in tune with the ocean and teaches others how to love and respect its divine presence.  He helped me overcome a longstanding fear of deep ocean swimming so that I could enjoy her gifts.  He went above and beyond any expectation I had, and it was a gift to share this experience with him. Joe is a magnet of positive energy that is palpable for dolphins and humans alike.” – Ariel Goldman-Jones, Naturapath Doctor

Lodging Options: There are many different lodging options including waterfront condos, hotels, beachfront camping and beachfront homes. Lodging options can be found here.

Camping & Living Simple: If you chose the camping option, we’ll be camping on the beach, living simply and relaxing with the rhythms of the land and sea. We make our meals together at the water’s edge each day, and share in the eating and celebrating of our adventures. There is a simple tribal magic that envelops us, opening our body and senses to the beauty and grace of Hawaii.

“Our Hawaii trip is going deep and deeper. Camping was an adventure for us. I liked our tent (the suite! :) with the mattress, the fresh sweet water, the song of the ocean in the night and the perfect morning egg discussions! :) Thanks for your humor and the way you take live easy and happily”

Here’s the story and video of one particularly magical encounter.

And a video of a curious baby humpback…

“The entire Maui Adventure was a memorable, awesome and mind-boggling experience. Mahalo, Joebaby!” – Marcos Gaser, Slovenia/Argentina

Feel free to call me with any questions about a custom trip, 1-954-889-7113