Maui Olowalu cottages bungalows trip

Every winter, thousands of humpback whales migrate to the waters around Maui to mate and give birth. The ocean is filled with the sounds of their breathing, splashing and playing. During this retreat, we get in the water and immerse ourselves in the absolutely spectacular beauty and majesty of their energy and their song.

We swim and kayak in the water seeking greater connection with the ocean and the whales. Trip activities include:

  • Swimming and snorkeling in beautiful bays
  • Kayaking out to the whales together
  • Being surrounded by singing and breaching whales
  • Feeling the magic of their song reverberating in your body
  • Snorkeling abundant reefs full of tropical fish and turtles
  • Visiting the summit of Haleakala
  • Hiking and exploring different sacred sites

Sometimes the whales come very close! We do not approach them, we let them come to us…

We follow federal marine mammal guidelines and do not approach closer than 100 yards to the whales. We kayak into their general area and then we raft up our kayaks and invite them to come closer. Then we either watch from our kayaks or quietly get in the water with our masks, snorkels and fins, look around with reverence and awe, listening to the energy of their song as it resonates within us.

Bunkhouses on the Beach:

We’ll be staying in shared bunkhouses on the ocean’s edge. The lodging is on cots and sleeping bags, and you have the option of sleeping outside on the grass or the beach, underneath the stars. There is a men’s and a women’s bathhouse with indoor and outdoor showers. There is a large dining hall that serves both as our dining hall and our community meeting space for our workshops and celebrations. Every day we will be out kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and enjoying the abundant ocean life just steps from our beach.

Living Simple: This simple oceanfront setting is an optimal environment for you to sink deeply into the rejuvenating and inspiring energies of this sacred island and its vibrant ocean. It is an ideal opportunity for you to deepen your connection with the vital forces of the natural world.

Our simple, rustic accommodations will support you in letting go of the busyness of your everyday life and returning to the ancient rhythms of the sun, sand and sea.

Helping each other: As part of our retreat experience we will all be helping to make sure our activities and our time together flows smoothly. This includes helping to prepare our meals together. Many hands make light work. We all share in the joy of everyone helping each other with the cooking and cleaning.

“Our Hawaii trip is going deep and deeper.  :) Thanks for your humor and the way you take live easy and happily”

Your Adventure Guide:

Joe Noonan is an author, minister and shamanic nature guide who has been bringing people to swim with wild dolphins and whales in Hawaii, in Maui and in Bimini, the Bahamas for over twenty years. A dolphin and whale whisperer, he holds the space for humans and cetaceans to connect in a very fun, respectful and magical way. Working in concert with the elemental energies of nature and the sea, all kinds of exciting adventures unfold. Here’s the story and video of one particularly magical Maui whale encounter on another kayaking trip with Joe.

Living Simple: This natural setting is an optimal environment for you to relax and sink deeply into the rejuvenating and inspiring energies of this sacred island and its vibrant ocean. It is an ideal opportunity for you to deepen your connection with the vital forces of the natural world.

Off the Grid: Wifi is available, and you are encouraged to use this opportunity to turn off your phones and computers and unplug from the internet this week!

Arriving/Departure: Your final airport destination is Kahalui airport on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The airport code for Kahalui is OGG. Please plan to arrive to the Kahalui airport by 3pm on the first day of our trip.

Airport Shuttle: You will need to arrange your own transportation to and from the airport to our retreat. Please plan to arrive at our location anytime after 4pm on the 7th (dinner is at 7pm). We need to depart our retreat setting before 10am on the morning of  the last day of our trip, Jan 13th. SpeediShuttle is a reliable organization to book your shuttle. And there are also taxis that you can hire right at the curb to take you to our location. The taxi cost is approximately $60 each way, less if shared.

Lodging: We will be sleeping on cots in bunkhouses on the beach, there are up to six people per bunkhouse. You will be provided with a sleeping bag upon arrival.

Your Responsibilities: Everyone pulls together to make this work. We act in a safe, responsible manner, we help out with preparing, enjoying and cleaning up after our meals. We act responsibly on land and on the sea, treating our environment, the ocean and the reef with respect. Quiet time is 10pm.

Trip Policies: Please click here to read our trip policies.

Travel Insurance: Travel insurance, accident and health insurance are optional and are not included. If you wish to have travel insurance you will need to arrange it for yourself. Please click here  for more information on optional travel, accident and health insurance.

Included in cost: Six night’s waterfront accommodations, all kayak and scheduled outdoor adventures and most meals are included.

Not Included: Not included in this price is any workshop fees, your airfare, your shuttle to our retreat location, other activities not listed here and several meals out on the town.

Cost: The cost per person for the lodging, meals and adventure activities for this trip is $1997 USD per person. Your place in this retreat is reserved with your non-refundable deposit of $500 USD. The balance of $1497 is due by October 1st, and upon full payment your space on the trip is confirmed.

Please use the link below to pay your deposit.

Upon receipt of your $500 deposit, we will send you a participant release form and bank wiring information for your October payment. We look forward to you joining us in Maui!


Joe Noonan

Optional Trip Extension: For those who want some more Maui adventures, from January 15th to 19th there is an optional five day trip to explore the magical side of Maui. More information forthcoming!

What to bring for our camping trip:

2-3 changes of clothes

Warm sweater/jacket, windbreaker and/or raincoat (it is cold at the summit of Haleakala!)

1 or 2 bathing suits

Beach towel & bath towel

Headlamp flashlight

Toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

Sun Protection: Suncreen, hat, sunglasses, long sleeve rash guard

Waterbottle and small bag/backpack

Spending money – we recommend bringing $200 in cash for our meals out on the town and for miscellaneous items.

Optional pillow (or pillowcase and stuff it with clothes), book, earplugs, journal, wetsuit

“The entire Maui Adventure was a memorable, awesome and mind-boggling experience. Mahalo, Joebaby!” – Marcos Gaser, Slovenia/Argentina group organizer