Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Bimini – Custom Private Boat & Yacht Charters

Bimini, only a 20 minute plane ride from Miami, is a small island in the country of the Bahamas that is surrounded by turquoise blue waters. This place will touch you unlike any other place on earth…

The Island: 7 miles long and only 200 yards wide, North Bimini is a narrow strip of land between the Grand Bahamas Bank and the Gulf Stream. Its home to around 2500 friendly Biminites who greet you with a smile. Twice a day the incoming tide surrounds Bimini with beautiful warm clear water from the Gulf of Mexico. The atmosphere here is easy-going, laid back and contagious.

The Dolphins: The dolphins of Bimini love to swim with us! Having swum with wild dolphins around the world, its easy for me to say that these dolphins are the most playful and inviting wild dolphins anywhere. Every IMAX movie of wild dolphins includes footage of these dolphins because they are so playful and the water is so clear. People young and old say that swimming with these dolphins is one of the most powerful, uplifting experiences of their lives.

The Ocean: Over the years I’ve taught lots of kids, teens, adults and seniors how to swim and get comfortable in the water (I used to be afraid of the ocean myself). Bimini is one of the gentlest, calmest and most beautiful place I’ve ever had the pleasure of teaching people to swim. The shallow white sandy bottom and the turquoise blue waters help even the most nervous person overcome their fear and open up to the joy of being in the sea.

Beautiful Reefs: Bimini has some beautiful reefs that we visit; shallow water reefs that are home to hundreds of colorful fish. Depending on what you like to do, in addition to our other activities we typically visit one or more reefs each day to enjoy the beauty of life on the reef.

Other Activities: In addition to swimming with the dolphins and snorkeling beautiful reefs, there are a number of other ocean adventures we can include if you want, including hand-feeding gentle stingrays in shallow waters, feeding and snorkeling with reef sharks, and also spearfishing where we can catch your dinner.

Bimini is a fun, vibrant and beautiful place to come on a vacation holiday. I welcome the opportunity to be your guide and show you the magic of the island, the dolphins and the sea.

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