Swimming with Dolphins, 7SKY Ride for Shift this May 1-5, 2015

Well, and here comes my second great stoke-theme… Swimming with the DOLPHINS in the BAHAMAS…with our dear friend and dolphin whisperer JOEBABY beginning of May… I’ve reserved a trip to the Bahamas from the 1st-5th May, and I think there could rarely be a better occasion than to jump in this boat together, fill us with love and joy and nourishing us with this amazing connection energy! This is how we can push it all further, in loving collaboration with the dolphins, feel that we’re here one for the other, and make our dreams and visions, wherever we are and whatever we do, come through…

Well well well, please get here with Joebabys invite, and come back to me as soon as you wish, want, feel it!… I can’t wait anyway to read or hear you.” Coco

Hello Coco!

I’m so excited you’re coming to Bimini and bringing your friends! You’re gonna love meeting my dolphin family, they already love you! I’ve put this proposal together based on our conversation. This is a five day trip for four or more people. This proposal includes:

  • I meet you at the Bimini airport upon your arrival
  • Five days/four nights in a spacious four bedroom home
  • Private swimming, snorkeling and freedive instruction for everyone
  • Up to four boat trips out to the world’s most playful dolphins (We have both spotted and bottlenose dolphins here)
  • Snorkeling trip to the ‘3 Sisters’ (amazing fish up close)
  • Snorkeling trip to the ‘Stones of Atlantis’ (site of Nat. Geographic & Jacques Cousteau specials)
  • Optional snorkel trip to feed and snorkel with the sharks and/or stingrays (instead of going north to the dolphins)
  • Fun golf cart tour of North Bimini to see the sights and sounds, eat local conch salad, etc.
  • Hikes, walks, exploring the deserted end of the island and other outdoor activities as desired
  • All island logistics handled in advance, including assistance w/travel plans
  • I am your guide for all the activities listed above.

Boat Trips: Our boat trips bring us out to swim and snorkel with the wild dolphins that live here. Our primary destination is north to the dolphin grounds, and sometimes because of wind or over-saturation with the dolphins (yes, this does happen!), we go south to hand-feed the stingrays, swim with sharks, and visit some additional great snorkel spots. While we regularly find and swim with the dolphins, there are no guarantees that we will find and swim with them (they are wild after all!) and there are no refunds for cancelled boat trips. We remain subject to the wind, weather and the mood of the dolphins. We have our own boat and schedule and adjust our itinerary as desired.

Accommodations: This proposal is based on staying in a spacious four bedroom home overlooking the sea. My clients always love this house; it has incredible views of the water with a wide wrap around porch on the second floor and is steps to the beach. All accommodations are subject to availability and will be confirmed upon receipt of your deposit.

Pre-trip planning: I will provide you with information and suggestions in making your trip preparations, including providing information for your flights.

Trip Policies: Read the trip policies here.

Your guide: Joebaby has been leading nature trips and retreats for groups and families around the world. He is a masterful guide and creates ongoing opportunities for everyone to have fun.

  • He facilitates a playful, safe environment for people of all ages.
  • Coaches people back into their own intuitive, joyful flow of life.
  • Helps you move into a deeper connection with Nature.
  • Helps you improve your swimming, snorkeling and freediving easily and effortlessly.
  • Has been bringing groups to swim with these dolphins for twenty years.
  • Knows these dolphins well and how they love to interact.
  • Gets in the water with you and the dolphins and shows you how best to play with them.
  • Knows the island intimately and will show you parts of the land and ocean that most people never see.
  • Whenever possible he will make pictures of you swimming with the dolphins both above and below the water.

Quality Community Time: We spend our time everyone helping each other (just like the dolphins).

  • We use a few simple rituals that build a new quality of relatedness and a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Each evening we share the beauty we discovered each day.
  • We also appreciate each other, building a greater feeling of connection and recognition. Everyone gets seen and appreciated in new and inspiring ways.
  • You are able to see each other more clearly and the scope of your relationships expands. The bond you have with each other is stronger, more inspiring and more fun!

The cost for this five day, four night 7 SKY Ride for Shift dolphin trip is $1497 per person with a minimum of four people, $1341 per person with five participants, $1239 per person with six participants, $1167 per person with seven participants. Trip size limited to seven.

This includes all on-island lodging, all boat trips, all activities listed above and my services. I am your guide for the full five days. Not included in this price is your airfare to Bimini, one or two meals out on the town, mask, snorkel and fins and tips. (We collect tips at the end of the trip). Any additional boat, taxi, transportation or other activities or excursions not listed above are not included in this price.

Coco, I’m so excited to share the beauty and magic of Bimini and the dolphins with you! Please ask everyone who is coming to pay their trip deposit at the link below, or to contact me if they wish to pay their deposit in another way. And invite them to feel free to call me with any questions. Sending you big love and hugs from Bimini!!!


Please note: Paying the $500 trip deposit reserves your space on this trip. Travel and trip cancellation insurance is always recommended. Your $500 deposit is fully refundable for up to 5 days from date of deposit. Clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ link below will take you to a secure PayPal webpage where you can pay using credit card.

Together, we are just SO rich!!!… SO wide as well, bringing in ourselves in so many different, greatly important and elevating causes!… So, what is it, from the bottom of your heart, you want to offer the world? Let’s dream high and together, we make it happen!” – Coco

© Joebaby