“My first time swimming in open waters” Mathea Shippen

by Joe Noonan on July 21, 2017

Dolphin Whisperer Bimini Dolphins 5.7 (28c)

I went to Bimini in May, and met with Joebaby. It was my first time swimming in open waters, and with his expertise and knowledge of the ocean, he was great at making me feel completely safe and comfortable. So I could really enjoy my experience with the dolphins. He really goes above and beyond with making his groups happy,  from capturing moments with the dolphins with incredible footage, to joining us for dinner a couple of nights at our rental. At the end of the week Joebaby really felt like a good friend. I definitely recommend him. My experience with him changed my perspective on life.
-Mathea Shippen

0 seaweed tag Catherine Vergeer, Nick and Mathea Shippen

Dolphin Whisperer Bimini Dolphins 5.7 (43)

More photos of their swim

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