The most jaw dropping interactions with dolphins every single day! Nick Shippen

by Joe Noonan on July 21, 2017

Where do I begin?! We spent 1 of our 2 weeks in beautiful Bimini with The dolphin whisperer himself Joebaby, by the end of the week I was wishing we had spent the full 2 weeks with him. We had the most jaw dropping, most inspiring interactions with dolphins every single day! Every day was different and unique in its own way. Joebaby really goes out if his way to be sure you are one with the ocean and overcome any fears of water you may have. He is an excellent teacher, which in return makes it very easy to learn diving fast.

Dolphin interactions aside as the pictures show that side of the voyage, Joebaby is a terrific human being, just the way he talks and story tells is amazing. He really connected with me on day 1, I can’t really pinpoint an exact thing it was really just all around. His point of views and positive vibes are contagious and really stick with you when you return to normal life. The product Joebaby offers is priceless and I would do it over and over again! I hope to meet up again sometime soon maybe in Hawaii! Thanks Joebaby for the trip of my life! Sending love from the Pacific!

Nick Shippen  (photos from their trip)

Dolphin Whisperers Soul Connections Bimini (1)

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