A life experience we’ll never forget! – Daniels family

by Joe Noonan on July 13, 2017

Noonan-Daniels family dolphin trip Bimini (02)

“We would have to write a book to come close to describing the complete immersed beauty of the island of Bimini. We couldn’t have even come close to experiencing the full richness of ocean life without Joe Noonan’s expertise. Traveling with him as a personal guide provided us with comfort more than we expected.

To witness Joe’s interactions with the Dolphins and the Dolphins acknowledgement was plain to see. The Dolphins know this man and he knows them. By listening carefully to Joe, we were able to experience Dolphins approaching us on their terms and greeting us as playful companions.

Underwater wildlife is abundant in the seas of Bimini and the amazing amount of diversity made it enjoyable hour after hour. For us floating in the ocean is easier than walking on land. The salt water makes it much easier to snorkel as you easily float on the top of the water.

In short, it’s worth every moment and highly recommended to make a trip to Bimini and spend a week {or more} with Joe Noonan. It was a life experience that we will never forget! Thank you Joe!”


Tim, Lori, and Emily Daniels

July 13, 2017

More photos from Tim, Lori & Emily’s trip

Noonan-Daniels family dolphin trip Bimini (00)

Noonan-Daniels family dolphin trip Bimini (1)

Noonan-Daniels family dolphin trip Bimini (34)

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