“Four months later, I’m still feeling their love…” Pregnant mom and grandmother swimming with dolphins

Cynthia contacted me through the internet, she was looking to fulfill a lifelong desire of swimming with the wild dolphins with her daughter Allison, who was pregnant. Did I have a New Years dolphin trip planned? (I’d had one the last couple years). I had just booked airline tickets to spend New Years in Europe, how about a Christmas trip?

She talked with Allison and they were a big YES! We had a third person, Denise, join the pod, along with my dear friend Jwala, and together we spent the Christmas holiday swimming with the dolphins in the beautiful Bahamas!

Cynthia, Alison, Denise, Jwala and I after one of our amazing dolphin swims! (click on photo for dolphin photos from our trip)

I love bringing pregnant moms to meet the dolphins; i know that a powerful connection is being made. Mothers frequently report that their babies start kicking and turning when they encounter the dolphins. Who knows what kind of magic is taking place…

Our first swim was with a pod of bottlenose. There were three pairs of new mothers and calves, and they spent an inordinate amount of time checking out Allison and her baby. It was humbling to watch…

Cynthia is a shamanic guide and teaches workshops on shamanism. She wrote a beautiful testimonial for us…

“Our five day trip to swim with the wild dolphins led by Joebaby was far beyond my best imaginings. We snorkeled for hours with dozens of spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins who swam within feet of us, looked us in the eyes and even let one of their babies come next to us. Four months later, I’m still feeling their love and my own transformation from this beautiful, powerful and inspiring encounter. Dolphins swim so fast, they could have left us before we entered the water. Instead they chose to stay and play with us. What a gift!

When we weren’t communing with dolphins, we enjoyed a shell-covered white sand beach, snorkeled over the Bimini road, presumably a road from Atlantis, dove for conk shells among the colorful fish around coral reefs and watched Joe spear our lobster dinner which we enjoyed that night in the beautiful house we stayed in within feet of the sea.

I’m so grateful to have found Joe; he is truly a dolphin whisperer and has vast knowledge and deep wisdom about the dolphins and the sea. With so much experience with and love for the dolphins and for people, and bringing these two species together, Joe is a magnificent guide. He gave us personal instruction in how to be comfortable in the water and with the dolphins, and made us all feel safe and at home. He organized and guided fun activities on land and in the sea. He inspires a joyful heart-connection with the dolphins, the beautiful island of Bimini, the turquoise ocean and the other people on our trip.

My daughter joined me for this trip, it was a most memorable family holiday for us. Both her and I highly recommend Joebaby and his trips, and I for one will always remember the joy and excitement of swimming alongside those gentle dolphins, wild and free.”

Cynthia Greer
North Carolina
April 2012

(Click on photo below to see pictures from this trip)