“Still can’t fully comprehend” From Holland with Love, Renata & Rolf Winters

Renata and Rolf Winters brought their kids Zoeli, Sky and Levy for a custom nine day dolphin trip. They wanted their kids to become better swimmers and snorkelers and experience swimming with wild dolphins… And have fun, and explore the island, and find coconuts. Rolf had always wanted to camp on the beach and have a fire at the ocean’s edge. We did all that and more!

Personally I still can’t fully comprehend our encounter with the spotted dolphins… man, that was an experience that’s engraved in my whole system. There were tears on the boat back to the airport. We had a hard time leaving Bimini – and leaving Joe.

You don’t believe how all the kids have been making up plans for further adventures and ways to get back together!!! Really cool, all the connections that were made – I can really sense that we have all made a little jump forward.
We gathered around the PC to check out the pics & films…. for an hour or so we were back on Bimini and realized again what a very special week we all had!!! What an incredible beings those dolphins!!!!
Love and many many thanks!
Rolf Winters
(Click the photo below to see more photos of their trip)