“Immense power, trust & love, love, love” Salzmann family’s first Hawaiian trip

Phil, Nicole and their son Luca joined me for a private family trip in Bimini in 2011. They asked me to guide them on a six day trip to Hawaii in Nov 2012, Following is Nicole’s letter. (They’ve since completed their third family trip).

“Thank you, dearest Joe!

We had look at the photos yesterday, Luca came with them just when you posted them, he saw it on Facebook. We love them, even the volcano ones! :))) Thanks very much! Can I download your photos somewhere, like I did last year?

Our Hawaii trip is going deep and deeper. Camping was an adventure for us. I liked our tent (the suite! 🙂 with the mattress, the fresh sweet water we could get there, the song of the ocean in the night and the perfect morning egg discussions! 🙂 Thanks for your humor and the way you take live easy and happily.

The three (or more? 🙂 hours in the water with the dolphins is coming back to me whenever I like to feel this immense power, trust and love, love, love… I’ve just to close my eyes and take a deep breath and I am there again among them in the ocean! 🙂 Thanks to you, for your staying power you had! The dolphins really followed you, so we had only to look for you to find the dolphins again! 🙂

Also the calmness and the lightness from our swims with the sea turtles (the turtle with the shark-bite took us three times for a swim, she came back twice to us and we joined her again for a third time!) gives me the feeling back when I think of it. It creates such a happiness in me, that I was the first time in my live (after more than 40 years panic to go under water 🙂 able to dive and enjoy it from the first moment!!! And this without any training or preparation or fear! I knew immediately, I had only to get out the snorkel, take a deep, slow breath and follow the turtle under water and it worked so smooth and calm. It was pure joy!

Also the snorkeling among this hundreds and hundreds of colored fishes, sea-stars, other creatures (we even saw an eagle-ray again, this time very deep under us) and the beautiful sea world under water, taking naps :), eating sweet fresh fruits any time, kayaking, seeing the volcano glow, the rainbows over the lava-fields and the whole ‘pu u honua o honaunau’ fun is creating great joy when I think back. 

Thanks for all this Joe and for being our guide and friend!

With love from the glaciers (the beginning of the ocean) today it’s snowing so softly and gentle, so nice!! 🙂


Nicole, Phil & Luca Salzmann, Bern, Switzerland

Click here to see the photos from their trip