The story behind the name ‘Joebaby’

Years ago, my former wife and I were at a program in Boston with a visiting sadhu from India. A short Indian woman in a red sarong, she talked about love, we chanted and some monks led a ceremony. At the end of the program, as she was leaving, everyone spilled out into the aisle to greet her. As she came by, she turned to me, gave me a big smile and said “See you later Joebaby.”

I’d never heard the name before. I felt flattered, then the moment passed.

My partner was quite impressed, and said it was significant. She started calling me Joebaby, and encouraged me to use the name. I was a bit shy at first, and over the years, I’ve discovered that the name Joebaby evokes a feeling of levity and sweetness.

Some people prefer to call me Joe and others enjoy the name Joebaby. Whichever you prefer!