Swimming with Dolphins in Bimini – Private Trips Away from the Crowds

Your private wild dolphin swim – just you and the dolphins!

These are private trips, you are my only guests aboard. Most dolphin trips you are in the water with 10, 15, 20+ people. My trips give you quality one-on-one time with the dolphins. No waiting in line to get in the water or back on the boat, no strong swimmers getting ahead of you and swimming off with the dolphins – just you and the dolphins.

Low Impact: Our small group size has a lower impact on the dolphins and their behavior.

Deeper Connection: The intimate quality of your time in the water with the dolphins allows a natural deepening of relationship to occur, building friendships with specific dolphins over multiple days.

Excellent Guide: I’ve been leading trips swimming with the dolphins here for over twenty years, we know each other well.

Here’s what people are saying about swimming with dolphins in Bimini with Dolphin Whisperers:

  • It was just me and my family with the dolphins, no one else around
  • I experienced a feeling of happiness and simplicity I didn’t know could exist
  • When I start to get wound up, I remember one of the beautiful moments from our trip and melt into joy
  • “Our best family holiday ever… Three years later and we still talk about it”
  • Every day people have been telling me how relaxed and different I look

Book your Custom Dolphin Retreat | Swim with Wild Dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas | Only 20 minutes from Miami!

Many people dream of swimming with dolphins; here at Dolphin Whisperers, we bring that dream to life! Custom 5 day trips for couples and families. Call now with your questions, 1-954-889-7113