Why come with me? | More dolphins than people!

My trips are unique in several significant ways.

Small Group Size – You’re Outnumbered by Dolphins! Most dolphin trips run groups in excess of ten, fifteen, twenty or more participants. This involves a guaranteed amount of waiting every day; including waiting to get in the water with the dolphins, waiting to get out of the water, bumping up against other swimmers, stronger swimmers getting ahead of you, etc.

On my custom trips, I don’t add any other people to your trip. This small group size gives you much more intimate time with the dolphins, and your connection with the dolphins has the opportunity to grow and expand. On my trips, you’re typically outnumbered by dolphins, often 2, 3, 4 or more to 1.

The most profound dolphin encounters happen when you make a connection with one dolphin in particular, and the two of you have the luxury to swim together and interact for an extended amount of time. This kind of interaction is impossible with a large group, and only happens when you’re in the water by yourself or with just a few other people.

Seaweed Tag Game: One of the things that is possible on my trips is to be able to play seaweed tag with the dolphins. I’ve had many clients who were able to pass the seaweed back and forth between them and the dolphins. This is the kind of interaction most people only dream about!

Flexible Agenda that serves you: Most trips work with a set schedule, a necessity with a large groups. Rather than follow a fixed agenda, we have the flexibility to shift our direction and schedule. That often means staying late out on the water with the dolphins, or leaving the dock earlier than planned.

Personalized Attention: In a small group, you receive lots of personal attention from me and the dolphins. We’ll be able to give you daily ongoing support to improve your swimming and snorkeling, so you continue to feel even more relaxed and at home in the sea.

Fun! Clients share that joy and laughter are the hallmarks of these trips.

You’re Appreciated! We have a fun ritual that acknowledges you in our daily circle, a simple sharing that instigates a greater appreciation of self. It is a joy to be seen and appreciated!

Best in the World to Swim with Wild Dolphins! My trips bring you to swim with dolphins in the best, most ideal locations in the world. Bimini and Kona are the best places in the world to swim with wild dolphins. I’m ready to take you there!


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