Outnumbered by Dolphins!

There’s a couple things that are very unique about my trips:

More Dolphins than people: Most dolphin boats have 10, 15, 20 or more people on their boat. On my trips, I don’t add any other people to your trip. This small group size gives you much more time with the dolphins. On my boat, you’re typically outnumbered by dolphins, often 2, 3, or 4 to 1.

Absolute Best Encounter: The best dolphin encounters happen when you make an extended connection with one dolphin in particular, and the two of you get to swim together uninterrupted for an extended length of time (how about a couple of hours?). This kind of interaction is only possible on a private trip.

Low Impact on the dolphins: Our smaller group size means we have much less of an impact on the dolphins than a large, multi-engine boat dropping lots of people in the water.

Seaweed Tag: It is common on my trips is to be able to play seaweed tag with the dolphins. I’ve had many clients who were able to pass the seaweed back and forth multiple times with the dolphins; the kind of interaction most people only dream about!

Flexible Schedule: We adjust our schedule to suit you. That can mean staying late out on the water with the dolphins, or leaving the dock earlier than planned.

Personalized Attention: I’ve worked with every kind of people in my life, and have had CEOs, a Navy Admiral, autistic children, you name it, on my boat. With me, you get consistent, one on one attention and the support you need to fully enjoy your time out on the sea.

00 Gallagher family on boat 2017