Outnumbered by Dolphins!

I’ve been bringing people to swim with the dolphins of Bimini for over 20 years. Everyone says it is one of the most memorable experiences of their life. Why? Here’s a couple of significantly unique things about my trips:

More Dolphins than people: Most dolphin trips have 10, 15, 20 or more people on their boat. On my trips, you and your family are the only people on my boat. Our small group size gives you much more time with the dolphins. On my trips, you’re often outnumbered by dolphins!

Absolute Best Encounters: The best dolphin encounters happen when you make an extended connection with one or two dolphins in particular, and you get to swim together uninterrupted for an extended length of time (how about a couple of hours?)

Low Impact on the dolphins: Our small group size means we have much less of an impact on the dolphins than the large boats dropping lots of people in the water.

Seaweed Tag: After a couple days in the water with the dolphins, its common on my trips to be able to play seaweed tag with them. I’ve had many clients who were able to pass the seaweed back and forth not just once but multiple times with the dolphins; the kind of interaction most people only dream about!

Flexible Schedule: This is your custom trip, and we adjust the schedule to suit your needs and desires. This includes spontaneous change of plans, such as more time with the dolphins, a return to a favorite reef, or staying out on the water until sunset.

Personalized Attention: I work with all kinds of people, and have had CEOs, a Navy Admiral, two month old babies and octogenarians on my boat. With me, you get the support and attention you need to fully enjoy your family holiday vacation.

Sydney and her mom Carolyn swimming with Romeo!

I love sharing the beauty and magic of the dolphins and the sea with you, give me a call and let’s plan your trip!