Custom Bimini Wild Dolphin Trips | Intimate Encounters

Bimini is a tiny jewel of an island that sits on the edge of the Gulf Stream, the largest moving body of water in the world. The warm, clear waters that surround Bimini are some of the friendliest, most relaxing and inviting waters in the world.

These waters are home to pods of both bottlenose and spotted dolphins. Both species have developed the habit of interacting with swimmers in such a way that people from around the world come here to swim with them. Most every IMAX movie of dolphins contains footage from here. Its simply one of the most spectacular places in the world to swim with them!

Over twenty years of bringing people to swim with these dolphins, i’ve found that the most powerful, intimate and exciting way to swim with the dolphins is in a small group. When you’re swimming with wild dolphins with only a few other people, you get the magical opportunity to have multiple interactions with the same dolphins over time, developing a much deeper, more fulfilling connection.

Our most popular event is a five day trip. In five days

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, and get to play, splash, swim and circle with them in a no-rush environment. Sometimes my guests make a