Private Adventure Guide

Upgrade your yacht charter!

Bring a heightened sense of fun and adventure on your next yacht charter. Joe organizes and serves as an adventure guide aboard yacht charters in Hawaii, Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico. He brings a positive, upbeat energy to your holiday.

Swimming with Whale Sharks, Mexico

He brings his experience in guiding people of all walks of life in the water, combined with his experience coaching CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, to ensure you have a custom tailored holiday that you will rave about!

Teaching Sabrina and Kika how to snorkel, Bahamas

Imagine having your own private guide to support you and your guests to have the optimal enjoyment of your holiday, including:

  • Teach non-swimmers how to swim and snorkel in a safe, relaxing environment.
  • Show you how to freedive and enjoy the beauty of underwater.
  • Teach you how to spearfish for the world’s freshest sashimi!
  • Guide you in the water alongside wild dolphins, whales and whale sharks.
Aquatic Wedding Celebration, Bahamas

With Joe as your private guide you will experience a new level of joy and adventure in the sea.

Spearfishing is an exciting and rewarding activity
Relaxing after a day of spearfishing and swimming with wild dolphins, Bahamas

Joe is available to join your charter as an adventure guide. He also puts together private yacht charters for his clients. Some of the favorite places he loves to take his guests include:

  • Bahamas, March to September, swimming w/Wild Dolphins
  • Maui, Hawaii, January to March, Humpback Whales
  • Yucatan Mexico, July & August, swimming w/Mantas & Whale Sharks
“Our trip with Joe was the best family vacation we’ve ever had” – John Gallagher

Joe is a fun loving guest and will greatly enhance your charter experience. Contact Joe now for more info and upgrade your next adventure!